Q: What is the Federal I-9 Form?

A: Federal law requires employers to verify that new employees as well as reverify that returning employees are legally authorized to work in the United States. By completing the I-9 form, you provide Headfirst with the necessary information to confirm your employment eligibility.

The form is two parts – the information you complete, and then the identity document verification — this is where Headfirst staff will view your documents to prove your identity, therefore confirming the information. 

Q: What sections do I need to complete?

A: Please see below for a more detailed overview of the steps necessary to complete the form.

Q: What are “acceptable documents” and when do I need to bring them?

A: Acceptable documents are the physical ID items that provide identification as well as confirm your eligibility to work in the United States. You will need to bring these documents for verification with our team at in-person training, or your first day of employment onsite.

(You do NOT need to print a copy of the form – “documents” refers to the physical identity items that show your identity.)

Acceptable identification items include:

  • US Passport or Passport Card OR
  • Driver license with photo AND Social Security card OR
  • Driver license with photo AND birth certificate OR
  • For additional guidance and the full list of accepted documents, go here.

I-9 Form Instructions