Headfirst FAQs

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Here you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions related to:

interviewing & hiring

onboarding & pre-camp training

camp details & payroll


September, October, and November

  • We take feedback from the summer, our observations, and our goals and work to review and revise the onsite structure, job descriptions, compensation plans, and schedules in order to get ready for hiring a great upcoming summer team!


  • End of the month – Seasonal position applications are open! Anyone can start applying. 


  • We start talking to potential returning staff members about next year.
  • Mid-month – Interviews for new applicants open up, and we get to chat with tons of cool folks. 

February & March

  • Offer letters go out to candidates we want to join the team! 
  • Continuing: interviews


  • Onboarding paperwork (all the fine print forms you need to work at camp safely and be paid) starts going out through the onboarding portal 
  • Training dates for Summer are released and put on lots of calendars
  • Headfirst HR will host “Onboarding Office Hours” to answer any questions and make sure staff are confident with their paperwork 
  • Continuing: interviews, offer letters


  • Training takes place virtually!
  • Continuing: interviews, offer letters, onboarding 


  • In-person site-specific trainings take place, and then CAMP STARTS!
  • Continuing: interviews, offer letters, onboarding 

Summer! June, July, and August

  • Camp is running!
  • The Talent team doesn’t stop: we will continue interviewing through the summer to make sure we have awesome staff to help keep our kids safe and having fun. 

Non-negotiables for all team members

  • At least 16 years old by first day of work 
  • Reasonable proximity to onsite camp location

Experience & qualities

While there are no specific criteria we look for in our team members, we do ask that you are an enthusiastic learner, committed team player and willing to use this opportunity to grow as an individual and a team.

We have positions for anyone interested in working with children, working in sports, and/or working outdoors. Many of our team members have experience playing the sport, coaching, mentoring, babysitting, or even teaching.

The best way to determine the level experience needed is to review the “About You” section of our job postings.

For our Leadership roles, we generally require at least two years of team-leading or coaching experience, with some tangible skill related to their role, while our team members working more closely with campers may be first-time team members, simply require a great mindset and attitude to grow and learn on a quickly-moving team.

After reviewing the programs and our site locations, go to our Talent website and search for roles by site. Find the one that best fits your skills and interest, and complete an application. 

We want to help you find a position that’s a great fit, so let’s talk about it! We value diversity and inclusivity across our Headfirst community, and we strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups and those who might need a reasonable accommodation to apply. Your online application MUST be complete before we are able to review it and reach out to set up an interview.

Congratulations on making it to the next step in the hiring process! During our peak season, we do our best to move quickly in the hiring process, but please know that it can take 1-2 weeks to hear back from our team on a final decision.

Here’s what’s involved:

1. You interviewed: You talked, we listened, we answered your questions. Boom! Done. Nice job. 

2. We review: The person who interviews you makes notes about your skills, mindset, location, and availability, and considers where you’d fit best in our camp staff puzzle.

3. We talk as a team: We discuss each candidate with our hiring team, share what we’re excited about, and why we want to bring them on board. 

4. We follow up: This can go a few ways: 

  • We send you an offer letter! This will come via email from our talent system and include a digital offer letter for you to review and sign. READ IT ALL! And then sign (we hope) because you’re so pumped to join us at camp this summer. 
  • We ask to chat some more – We may have a few more questions or want to talk about shifting you to a different role. This can happen if a role was filled or we think you’d be a better fit in a different program. 
  • We say, “Sorry, not this year” – Sometimes it’s not the right fit. This could be from experience, skills, or not being qualified for a position. 

5. Then, the ball’s in your court. We ask all candidates who receive an offer letter to reply in THREE BUSINESS DAYS. Yep, three. That helps us keep things moving. We will reach out at least once if we don’t hear from you, but after that, we may rescind your offer or move onto other candidates. 

6. After you sign… (We hope you will!) We will be in touch about upcoming paperwork, trainings, live video Q&A sessions, and deadlines. There’s a lot to do before camp starts!

We interview upwards of 700+ people from January to August in a given year, so please, check-in with us if you have not heard anything within one month of your interview, please reach out to the Talent representative with whom you spoke. 

You should receive an update via email — not by phone — regarding the status of your application. 

We’re here to be a resource for you! If you cannot find what you need here, please reach out to us through our Talent Helpline.

Professional Sports Camps

We are very thoughtful and purposeful about each role onsite. No role exists alone – every hired team member should expect to interact with and potentially support or jump in for other colleagues at camp.

In general, the onsite roles follow this guide but depending on the program needs and site specifics, there may be duplicate roles or a smaller structure. Each site is unique!

Headfirst Professional Sports Camps – 2024 Team Partners

To see the schedule for each team’s camps, click here.
–> (Note: Locations & weeks are tentative until locked in.)


Boston Red Sox

Chicago Cubs

New York Yankees – NJ

New York Yankees – NY/CT

Washington Nationals


DC United – DC/MD

DC United – VA


Atlanta Falcons

Click to visit each division’s separate training dates page for more information:

Professional Sports Camps Training Info

Team locations:

Atlanta Falcons
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
DC United
New York Yankees
Washington Nationals

Summer Camps

We are very thoughtful and purposeful about each role onsite. No role exists alone – every hired team member should expect to interact with and potentially support or jump in for other colleagues at camp.

In general, the onsite roles follow this guide but depending on the program needs and site specifics, there may be duplicate roles or a smaller structure. Each site is unique!

Headfirst Summer Camps – 2024 Locations


Bethesda, MD
Mater Dei School
9600 Seven Locks Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817

North Bethesda, MD
The Woods Academy
6801 Greentree Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817


Oakton, VA
Flint Hill Lower School
10409 Academic Dr
Oakton, VA 22124


Palisades, NW DC
St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School
4700 Whitehaven Pkwy NW
Washington, D.C., DC 20007

Brookland, NE DC
Catholic University
Raymond Dufour Athletic Center
600 Taylor St NW
Washington, DC 20011

Cathedral Heights, NW DC
St. Albans & National Cathedral School
3101 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

Click to visit each division’s separate training dates page for more information:

Summer Camps
Training Info

Team locations:

Flint Hill
Mater Dei
Woods Academy
St. Albans/National Cathedral
St. Patrick’s

Mobilization = move-in day!

This is where we turn camp into camp. Staff who attend mobilization frequently say they start camp knowing where things are and feeling more confident onsite. We also find that folks care about their camp surrounding more when they were responsible for putting it all together!

Interested? A first-come, first-served sign-up will be sent out closer to early June. You will be compensated for your time, and spots are limited!

June 88:00 am – 3:00 pmMater Dei
June 88:00 am – 12:00 pmSt. Albans “Zone B” (Multi-Sport & Aquatics)
June 88:00 am – 12:00 pmFlint Hill (Part 1)
June 138:00 am – 12:00 pmCatholic
June 138:00 am – 3:00 pmFlint Hill (Part 2)
June 1410:00 am – 3:00 pmSt. Albans – Zone A (Day & Junior Day)
June 141:00 pm – 5:00 pmNational Cathedral School – Zone C (STEM & Innovators)
June 148:00 am – 3:00 pmWoods Academy
June 157:30 am – 12:30 pmSt. Patrick’s

Hired Team Members

So you had a great interview and you received an offer letter! Congrats! 

Q: What’s included in my offer letter? 

A: Your offer letter includes important details and we recommend you review them carefully. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Your site location and address
  • Role and program
  • Weeks offered (Remember, your scheduled weeks may change based on enrollment, performance, or other onsite logistics)
  • Compensation rate
  • Training compensation rate
  • Details about provided materials
  • Training dates & expectations

Q: Once I sign, can I make edits or propose changes? 

A: Any changes to your offer letter need to be discussed before you sign. When we receive a signed offer letter back, we take that to mean you reviewed it and agree with all that’s included. 

Q: I need to talk to someone about my offer letter. 

A: No problem. Please get in touch with your Talent point of contact or submit your message to the Talent Helpline here.

Step 1: Celebrate!

  • We’re pumped to have you on the team to make it a great summer.

Step 2: Refer friends

  • Use our Referral Survey to submit names and contact information for friends, colleagues, or family members you think could be a great fit and we’ll reach out to them about open positions.
  • You could earn $25 per person!

Step 3: Onboarding

  • In late spring, you’ll be added to our Onboarding portal to complete online paperwork tasks related to payroll and background check. (Some sites require in-person actions as well.)

Step 4: Virtual training

  • In the month before camp starts, you’ll be added to our online webinar training portal to view and respond to virtual trainings that cover camp policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Virtual training also includes opportunities to meet your site-specific team members!

Step 5: In-person training

  • Apply your new knowledge – get to know your team and site in-person!
  • Each team will have a day onsite before campers to cover carpool, curriculum, and more.

Step 6: Camp begins!

Congratulations on receiving an offer to join our team! We completely understand that it can be a confusing process, and want to make sure that it is as straightforward as possible. 

Please check your junk mailbox for an email from our online hiring platform, iCims.

When you locate that email, it has a direct link to login to your profile using the same credentials you used to apply.

If you can’t find your password, or forget your login, please just reach out to us at talent@headfirst.com.

Use our Referral Survey to submit names and contact information for friends, colleagues, or family members you think could be a great fit and we’ll reach out to them about open positions.

You could earn $25 per person if they sign on and work their contracted weeks!

Please note: Only new candidate referrals are eligible for the bonus; individuals referred who have worked for Headfirst before do not qualify for the source to earn the bonus.

Throughout the interviewing and hiring process, we ask for open communication regarding your interest and weekly availability. 

Should your availability change substantially from the dates listed in your offer letter, it may impact scheduling in the weeks surrounding the change.

While not a guarantee, the sooner you are able to inform the Talent Department of the change, the more likely it will be that staffing adjustments can be made which minimize this impact.

If at any point the dates you can work change, we ask that you contact your Talent point of contact ASAP or submit your update to the Talent Helpline here, selecting the option “SCHEDULE”.

Onboarding Paperwork

Once you’ve signed your offer letter, you’ll be sent to Onboarding – our online system that includes all mandatory pre-employment paperwork specific to you and your summer work location. This is the first step towards a successful summer!

Q: Why do I have to complete this paperwork?

A: So you can come work at camp! You won’t be able to start working until all of your Onboarding paperwork is finished, so please complete the forms and tasks assigned to you carefully!

Q: I didn’t get an email with the login information. Help!

A: Please be sure to check your email’s Clutter/Junk filter settings and add the address Headfirst Camps @ icims “headfirstcamps+autoreply@agents.icims.com” to your Address Book if you suspect that emails may otherwise be flagged as spam. You will receive an email with your login username and an option to reset the password if needed. Please store these details in a safe place. 

Q: My question isn’t answered here. Who can I contact? 

You can reach out to the person you’ve been in contact directly, or submit your question to the Talent Helpline here. A staff member will be in touch ASAP! 

To support all seasonal staff – Honor Roll, Summer Camps, and Professional Sports Camps – in completing their onboarding tasks and paperwork, we have scheduled Onboarding Help Sessions, or “Office Hours,” throughout the spring. 

These are drop-in, as-needed sessions, so feel free to join for any questions if you have them! 

Zoom links will be sent out in advance of each session.

2024 Session Dates & Times 

  • Tuesday, April 23 – 6-7 pm EST
  • Wednesday, May 15 – 7-8 pm EST
  • Tuesday, June 4 – 6-7 pm EST

Updated 2/16/24

Q: What forms and information will I have to fill out? 

A: Please see the list below for a summary of the details required. Almost all are provided digitally within the Onboarding portal. (Fingerprinting and notary must be done on paper and uploaded, as well as some required health documentation.)


  • Basic contact information, references, and certifications (if applicable)
    • This lets us contact you, check references, and review any certifications required for your position (ie lifeguarding or CPR/First Aid).
  • Headfirst Health Information Request
    • This form gives us information in the event a health issue occurs for you – who to contact, allergies, medications, etc. It’s confidential unless needed in an emergency. 
  • Seasonal Team Confidentiality Agreement
    • This form requires a signature noting your understanding that Headfirst content, information, resources, and trainings, etc. be kept confidential.
  • Federal I9 Form 
    • This verifies your identity and authorizes you to work.
  • Background Check Self-Disclosure Form
    • This gives you an opportunity to self-disclose anything that may pop up in a background check.


  • Direct Deposit/Paycheck Information
    • This form gives us the information on how to pay you! Make sure it’s correct!
  • Tax Withholding Forms (state specific)
    • This forms allows you to select which STATE taxes are taken out of your paycheck.
  • Federal W4 Form
    • This form allows you to select which FEDERAL taxes are taken out of your paycheck.


There may be additional state-specific requirements based on licensing guidelines. Please see the Onboarding task instructions for more details.

  • Child Protective Services Checks (state specific instructions)
    • As a child programs provider, we are required to run a check through the child protective agency of the jurisdiction to confirm our staff are approved to work with children. 
  • Background/Fingerprint Checks (state specific instructions)
    • This form provides information on how to get a background check and/or fingerprinting check done and depends on the state guidelines. It requires a visit to an authorized provider as per the instructions.  


  • MASSACHUSETTS: Physical & Vaccination History
    • Massachusetts requires a recent physical and complete vaccination history to be reviewed and approved prior to working at camp.
  • VIRGINIA: TB Screening Request 
    • Virginia requires a clear tuberculosis check prior to working at camp. This can be done in two parts at a doctor’s office or CVS. It requires an initial visit and then a follow-up to read the results in person. 

All newly hired or rehired team members are required to complete a background check authorization and a self-disclosure form as a part of pre-employment onboarding. All offers of employment are contingent upon the satisfactory outcome of this background investigation, and team members must successfully complete these requirements before starting work.

Please note: Depending on your work location’s jurisdiction, there may be additional tasks related to background checking, like submitting fingerprints.

Background Check Authorization

  • An important component of your pre-employment onboarding is the completion of a background check authorization. To ensure the accuracy and security of our checks, we partner with a trusted pre-employment screening service provider. 
  • The background check authorization will be emailed to you at the same time you receive the email on accessing the onboarding portal (where the other paperwork lives). 
  • Your completed and authorized background check must be processed and cleared by our HR team before you are approved to go to site. Processing time varies by jurisdiction and additional time can be needed if a result is returned that requires further investigation or individual evaluation, so it is very important to authorize the check as quickly as possible.

Self-Disclosure Form

  • In addition to your background check authorization, you will be required to complete a Self-Disclosure Form as part of your onboarding tasks. As with the background check authorization, it is important that you complete the Self-Disclosure form promptly, as any affirmative responses (or discrepancies between the background check results and your responses) can require further investigation or individual evaluation.

Confidentiality & Use of Background Investigation Information

  • The information obtained through the background check and self-disclosure process will be treated confidentially and used only for purposes of determining suitability to work in the role for which you have been hired in accordance with Headfirst’s Background Investigation & Fitness to Work policy. This policy is available by contacting the Human Resources Department.
  • If the background investigation results or the answers provided on the Self-Disclosure Form require further discussion, a designated HR representative will contact you directly as soon as possible

Q: What is the Federal I-9 Form?

A: Federal law requires employers to verify that new employees as well as reverify that returning employees are legally authorized to work in the United States. By completing the I-9 form, you provide Headfirst with the necessary information to confirm your employment eligibility.

The form is two parts – the information you complete, and then the identity document verification — this is where Headfirst staff will view your documents to prove your identity, therefore confirming the information. 

Q: What sections do I need to complete?

A: Please see below for a more detailed overview of the steps necessary to complete the form.

Q: What are “acceptable documents” and when do I need to bring them?

A: Acceptable documents are the physical ID items that provide identification as well as confirm your eligibility to work in the United States. You will need to bring these documents for verification with our team at in-person training, or your first day of employment onsite.

(You do NOT need to print a copy of the form – “documents” refers to the physical identity items that show your identity.)

Acceptable identification items include:

  • US Passport or Passport Card OR
  • Driver license with photo AND Social Security card OR
  • Driver license with photo AND birth certificate OR
  • For additional guidance and the full list of accepted documents, go here.

I-9 Form Instructions

As part of the onboarding process, you will need to complete important tax information in order to work with us. Please use the following notes and videos as a guide to complete the form, as we are unable to provide tax advice.

If you require a different tax form than the one supplied through onboarding, please reach out to our team at talent@headfirst.com.

W-4 Form (v2023)

1. Step 1 is for your personal information, including your name, address, filing status, and Social Security number.

2. If you have a more than one job or a spouse who works, you’ll complete step 2. The IRS notes that some taxpayers may be worried about disclosing additional jobs to their employer so there are multiple ways to calculate your withholdings for this section. Generally, there are three options, which “involve tradeoffs between accuracy, privacy, and ease of use,” according to the IRS.

For “maximum accuracy and privacy,” the IRS recommends using its Tax Withholding Estimator to determine the amount that should be withheld based on your income for one or more jobs. If you work as an independent contractor, you can choose to pay estimated quarterly taxes instead of having part of your paycheck withheld.

3. If you claim dependents and earn less than $200,000 as a single filer or $400,000 as a joint filer, you’ll follow the instructions in step 3. This is to determine credits you may be eligible for. 

4. Step 4 is optional, but if you have interest, dividend, or retirement income or you plan to claim itemized deductions when you file your taxes, fill this out. Also, if you would like to withhold additional money from each paycheck in order to get a bigger refund next year, you can enter the dollar amount in this section.

Remember, though, that a tax refund means you aren’t getting all the money that’s rightfully yours throughout the year. In essence, you’re loaning the government money, interest-free. If you want to get as close to your true tax liability as possible, carefully and thoughtfully fill out — and check up on — your W-4.

Pre-Camp Training

Q: When is training information released?

A: We release training information – dates and RSVPS – in April. Your training dates are also listed in your offer letter.

Q: When are the training days?

A: Each role and site has specific training to do before camp starts. Training information is released in April so all staff can plan for evening and/or weekend sessions. Training is mandatory to be onsite and working. 

  • Role-specific training is shared via Bridge, our online training platform. For Leadership team members, there are also virtual live trainings.
  • All-team training is a live webinar held virtually in early June. 
  • Site-specific training is called “Day in the Life” and typically is scheduled for the Sunday before the first day of camp. 

Q: What training sessions do I need to attend?

A: All training dates are required! Trainings must be attended even if you are not scheduled to work the first week of camp.

Q: The training says “Virtual.” When do I get access to the link and password?

A: We will send out the links and passwords by email in advance of the trainings. Be sure to check your inbox and spam folders!

Q: What do I wear & what do I need to bring?

A: For virtual trainings, please dress in comfortable clothes and sit somewhere you can interact and focus. 

For in-person trainings, we will provide more information regarding specifics via email closer to the day of the event. This will include: what to wear, specific arrival times, parking instructions, directions, whether food is provided, how to prepare, and what to bring. 

Q: When do I need to arrive? Where do I go?

A: For all of our in-person training events, parking is within walking distance of the training location and is located onsite. Please plan your commute to the training location accordingly, whether that means taking public transportation, carpooling or coordinating a ride.

Q: What happens if I can’t attend an in-person training?

A: All training dates are required even if you are not scheduled to work the first week of camp. If you are unable to attend any of the training dates, this may impact your training stipend and/or your proposed start date with Headfirst. Please communicate any conflicts as soon as possible with your designated points of contact: 

Click to visit each division’s separate training dates page for more information:

Professional Sports Camps Training Info

Team locations:

Atlanta Falcons
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
DC United
New York Yankees
Washington Nationals

Click to visit each division’s separate training dates page for more information:

Summer Camps
Training Info

Team locations:

Flint Hill
Mater Dei
Woods Academy
St. Albans/National Cathedral
St. Patrick’s

Hours & Payroll

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Team members have two options to receive their pay – direct deposit or paper checks.

  • Direct deposit: The payroll will be deposited in the account by/on the pay date. 
  • Paper checks: The payroll checks will be mailed on the pay date through US Postal Service, arriving anywhere from 4-7 days later. 

Q: How do I access my paystubs and W2s?

A: When you are entered into the payroll system as a new team member, you will receive an email (sent to the email address provided in your onboarding paperwork) that will prompt you to create a username and password for access to all your paystubs and W2s on the ADP system. See the question listed below for more info. 

Q: How is my “take home” pay amount determined?

A: The amount of pay you receive in your paycheck (i.e., that you “take home”) is determined by how much you worked during the pay period that corresponds to the pay date, minus taxes and withholdings.

For all employees, Headfirst is legally required to deduct FICA (Social Security and Medicare) and income taxes; the exact amount of income taxes withheld is determined based upon how you filled out your Federal and State withholding forms during the onboarding process.  If you have yet to fill out these forms, we suggest discussing them with a tax professional, as we are unable to advise on how to complete them.

Q: What is overtime (OT)?

A: Overtime is what hours are called when you work over 40.0 hours in one week. Those hours may be paid at a different rate if you are a team member paid at an hourly rate. If you are a salaried team member, overtime does not qualify. 

Q: Who should I contact if my question has not been answered to my satisfaction?

A: If you have any additional questions, submit them here at the Talent Helpline Form.

Last updated 1/11/2023

Q: What system is used for staff timekeeping? 

A: Headfirst uses When I Work for both schedules and timeclock (aka timesheets and time tracking). Before your first day, we will add you to the system where you’ll create a login and find your When I Work employee ID in your profile. 

Q: What do I need to clock in or clock out?

A: You will need your When I Work employee ID to clock in/out.

  • Please memorize these numbers so that the clock in/out process can be smoothly facilitated.
  • If you need help finding your employee ID please speak a leadership team member.

Q: What if I don’t clock in or out?

A: If you forget to clock-in or clock-out, the system marks you as absent and no time is tracked for that day.

  • Your clocked-in hours during a pay period tell the Payroll Department how to calculate your earnings for that pay period. 
  • If you realize you have not clocked in or out, please notify your Director immediately. To avoid any of these issues, please remember to clock in/out every day you are working.

Q: When should I clock in?

A: Please refer to your schedule for the time you are expected to begin work. You should clock in at the start time listed in your When I Work schedule.

  • Please do not begin work any earlier as you will not be compensated for work beginning prior to your start time without prior approval. If you have any questions about your start time, please ask your Director.

Q: Who should I contact if my question has not been answered to my satisfaction?

A: If you have any additional questions, submit them here on the Talent Helpline Form.

Payroll Schedule Video Timestamps:

0:08 Pay period duration
0:22 Pay day
0:44 Example #1 – Worked during current pay period
1:06 Example #2 – Worked after current pay period  
1:34 Preparation timeline Monday – Friday 
2:52 Contact us  

If you have any additional questions, submit them here at the Talent Helpline Form.

For new staff (hired for the approaching season), we will first add you to the ADP system and the notify you to confirm your details. Please do not add yourself to ADP to reduce duplications.

For former seasonal staff, you can access old paystubs and your tax forms (W-2 document) through the ADP Employee Portal here

  • Where it says “New User?”, click on the “Create an Account” tab.
    • Click “Find Me”
      1. Input your email address
        1. Important: this email address must match the email address that you provided to Headfirst via your iCIMS onboarding forms.
      2. You must use your legal first and last name (no nicknames).
      3. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration once complete.

If you are a previous year employee and cannot login to ADP, please contact talent@headfirst.com with a detailed description of the issue and we will contact you to assist. 

Honor Roll Camps

Honor Roll Camps are two-day showcase events for aspiring collegiate baseball and softball players. You can learn more about them here.

Honor Roll staff can refer to the FAQ categories listed above for information about:

  • Onboarding paperwork
  • Pre-employment background check & self-disclosure
  • Federal I-9 and identity items
  • Tax forms
  • Paystubs and W-2 forms

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please email your main Headfirst contact or submit a question to the Talent Helpline.


We’re dedicated to our mission and care about providing incredible experiences to every individual that attends our programs.

At our Headfirst Companies HQ, we combine a start-up culture with over 20 years of experience providing industry-leading academic & athletic programming and events. 

We look for candidates who whole-heartedly believe in our mission, care about their team members, and are ready take on the next challenge that comes their way. 

All positions currently open on our HQ team and our internship program can be found on our website. We post our full-time roles as they become available, and begin our hiring process for our internships starting in the late fall & early winter. 

Great question.

The reality is, we don’t really have an “off-season” here at Headfirst. Yes, we primarily run our programs during the spring and summer months, but we’re constantly working to make our experiences incredible.

With four distinct divisions operating programs across the United States and around the world, we’ve got a lot to do during the fall & winter!

  • We’re evaluating & improving our operations for our Showcase Division with our Honor Roll Camps & Top96 camps.
  • We’re developing, brainstorming and writing our curricula for Headfirst Summer Camps to make sure our campers have the best summer ever.
  • We’re connecting with new partners with our Headfirst Professional Sports Camps to inspire the next generation of fans.
  • And, we’re scouting out new destinations and venues for our KI Concerts to provide incredible concert and performance experiences.  

Our Marketing & Customer Service teams tell the world about our programs, our Talent & HR teams work to recruit and hire only the best talent, our Education team writes and innovates our programming, and our Operations team works to make it all happen smoothly.

By working as one team across divisions and departments, The Headfirst Companies make it happen.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Submit a question to the Talent Helpline.