Congratulations on making it to the next step in the hiring process! During our peak season, we do our best to move quickly in the hiring process, but please know that it can take 1-2 weeks to hear back from our team on a final decision.

Here’s what’s involved:

1. You interviewed: You talked, we listened, we answered your questions. Boom! Done. Nice job. 

2. We review: The person who interviews you makes notes about your skills, mindset, location, and availability, and considers where you’d fit best in our camp staff puzzle.

3. We talk as a team: We discuss each candidate with our hiring team, share what we’re excited about, and why we want to bring them on board. 

4. We follow up: This can go a few ways: 

  • We send you an offer letter! This will come via email from our talent system and include a digital offer letter for you to review and sign. READ IT ALL! And then sign (we hope) because you’re so pumped to join us at camp this summer. 
  • We ask to chat some more – We may have a few more questions or want to talk about shifting you to a different role. This can happen if a role was filled or we think you’d be a better fit in a different program. 
  • We say, “Sorry, not this year” – Sometimes it’s not the right fit. This could be from experience, skills, or not being qualified for a position. 

5. Then, the ball’s in your court. We ask all candidates who receive an offer letter to reply in THREE BUSINESS DAYS. Yep, three. That helps us keep things moving. We will reach out at least once if we don’t hear from you, but after that, we may rescind your offer or move onto other candidates. 

6. After you sign… (We hope you will!) We will be in touch about upcoming paperwork, trainings, live video Q&A sessions, and deadlines. There’s a lot to do before camp starts!

We interview upwards of 700+ people from January to August in a given year, so please, check-in with us if you have not heard anything within one month of your interview, please reach out to the Talent representative with whom you spoke. 

You should receive an update via email — not by phone — regarding the status of your application.