Q: What forms and information will I have to fill out? 

A: Please see the list below for a summary of the details required. Almost all are provided digitally within the Onboarding portal. (Fingerprinting and notary must be done on paper and uploaded, as well as some required health documentation.)


  • Basic contact information, references, and certifications (if applicable)
    • This lets us contact you, check references, and review any certifications required for your position (ie lifeguarding or CPR/First Aid).
  • Headfirst Health Information Request
    • This form gives us information in the event a health issue occurs for you – who to contact, allergies, medications, etc. It’s confidential unless needed in an emergency. 
  • Seasonal Team Confidentiality Agreement
    • This form requires a signature noting your understanding that Headfirst content, information, resources, and trainings, etc. be kept confidential.
  • Federal I9 Form 
    • This verifies your identity and authorizes you to work.
  • Background Check Self-Disclosure Form
    • This gives you an opportunity to self-disclose anything that may pop up in a background check.


  • Direct Deposit/Paycheck Information
    • This form gives us the information on how to pay you! Make sure it’s correct!
  • Tax Withholding Forms (state specific)
    • This forms allows you to select which STATE taxes are taken out of your paycheck.
  • Federal W4 Form
    • This form allows you to select which FEDERAL taxes are taken out of your paycheck.


There may be additional state-specific requirements based on licensing guidelines. Please see the Onboarding task instructions for more details.

  • Child Protective Services Checks (state specific instructions)
    • As a child programs provider, we are required to run a check through the child protective agency of the jurisdiction to confirm our staff are approved to work with children. 
  • Background/Fingerprint Checks (state specific instructions)
    • This form provides information on how to get a background check and/or fingerprinting check done and depends on the state guidelines. It requires a visit to an authorized provider as per the instructions.  


  • MASSACHUSETTS: Physical & Vaccination History
    • Massachusetts requires a recent physical and complete vaccination history to be reviewed and approved prior to working at camp.
  • VIRGINIA: TB Screening Request 
    • Virginia requires a clear tuberculosis check prior to working at camp. This can be done in two parts at a doctor’s office or CVS. It requires an initial visit and then a follow-up to read the results in person.