Q: How do I get paid?

A: Team members have two options to receive their pay – direct deposit or paper checks.

  • Direct deposit: The payroll will be deposited in the account by/on the pay date. 
  • Paper checks: The payroll checks will be mailed on the pay date through US Postal Service, arriving anywhere from 4-7 days later. 

Q: How do I access my paystubs and W2s?

A: When you are entered into the payroll system as a new team member, you will receive an email (sent to the email address provided in your onboarding paperwork) that will prompt you to create a username and password for access to all your paystubs and W2s on the ADP system. See the question listed below for more info. 

Q: How is my “take home” pay amount determined?

A: The amount of pay you receive in your paycheck (i.e., that you “take home”) is determined by how much you worked during the pay period that corresponds to the pay date, minus taxes and withholdings.

For all employees, Headfirst is legally required to deduct FICA (Social Security and Medicare) and income taxes; the exact amount of income taxes withheld is determined based upon how you filled out your Federal and State withholding forms during the onboarding process.  If you have yet to fill out these forms, we suggest discussing them with a tax professional, as we are unable to advise on how to complete them.

Q: What is overtime (OT)?

A: Overtime is what hours are called when you work over 40.0 hours in one week. Those hours may be paid at a different rate if you are a team member paid at an hourly rate. If you are a salaried team member, overtime does not qualify. 

Q: Who should I contact if my question has not been answered to my satisfaction?

A: If you have any additional questions, submit them here at the Talent Helpline Form.

Last updated 1/11/2023