Great question.

The reality is, we don’t really have an “off-season” here at Headfirst. Yes, we primarily run our programs during the spring and summer months, but we’re constantly working to make our experiences incredible.

With four distinct divisions operating programs across the United States and around the world, we’ve got a lot to do during the fall & winter!

  • We’re evaluating & improving our operations for our Showcase Division with our Honor Roll Camps & Top96 camps.
  • We’re developing, brainstorming and writing our curricula for Headfirst Summer Camps to make sure our campers have the best summer ever.
  • We’re connecting with new partners with our Headfirst Professional Sports Camps to inspire the next generation of fans.
  • And, we’re scouting out new destinations and venues for our KI Concerts to provide incredible concert and performance experiences.  

Our Marketing & Customer Service teams tell the world about our programs, our Talent & HR teams work to recruit and hire only the best talent, our Education team writes and innovates our programming, and our Operations team works to make it all happen smoothly.

By working as one team across divisions and departments, The Headfirst Companies make it happen.