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seasonal team payroll

During the summer, payroll is processed biweekly (i.e., every other week) for each unit.

Summer 2024 Schedule

Work Period (Monday – Sunday)Pay Date (Friday)
May 20 – June 2June 7
June 3 – June 16June 21
June 17 – June 30July 5
July 1 – July 14July 19
July 15 – July 28August 2
July 29 – August 11August 16
August 12 – August 25August 30

Please note there is a one-week delay between the compensation earned for the current week’s work and the pay received.

In other words, each paycheck will not include the current week’s work; instead your compensation includes the pay earned during the two weeks immediately before the current week.

  • For example, the payroll running on Friday, July 5th will be for work done during the weeks of June 17th and June 24th. 

Please see the FAQs for more insight on the methods and schedule.

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